We are pleased to inform our clients, friends and partners about the certification of DIAGRAM ACCOUNTING CONSULTING in the "Accounting Firm Quality Program ", created by SESCON and AESCON, organizations responsible for qualification, aiming to offer entrepreneurs the guarantee that they are working with a qualified Accounting Firm and is certified for the accounting activity. 
 As a Qualified Company, on 05/03/2005 we obtained the right to use the "Mark / stamp of Quality" issued by Sescon.
We are honored because we are among the first group of Accounting Firms to receive a certification of such importance, once again characterizing our seriousness, responsibility and professional commitment with those who use our services. 
 We are grateful for the trust and pleased to have you as our client. 
 Diagrama Accounting Firm


The principles presented here are defined as rules to be followed to increase client satisfaction, ensuring compliance with its requirements and other applications under PQEC.

 The participating PQEC companies commit to: 
1. Meet client requirements as well as legal and regulatory requirements; 

2. Make sure that the personnel carrying out the activities affecting the quality of accounting services is competent, based on the adequate education, training, skill and experience; 
3. Maintain the infrastructure (buildings, workspace, associated facilities, equipment and support services) required to meet client needs and consistent with the perception of the importance and value of accounting firms;
4. Ensure clients with guidance on the implementation of the requirements they do not declare, but that are necessary according to the applicable law or regulations;  
5. Document all service requirements, by means of a contract or written proposal in order to prevent and ward off the emergence of doubts or conflicts arising from the relationship with clients;  
6. Maintain a communication structure with the client to inform him/her about the services provided and that require changes in procedures due to legislative or regulatory innovations;  
7. Monitor client satisfaction by obtaining information about his/her perception of the services provided, also receiving suggestions and criticisms in order to continuously improve its processes through corrective actions;  
8. Maintain high ethical conduct, striving to observe the principle of good faith in its activities, and act with strict loyalty and honesty in its dealings with clients and other market players, in order to value the accounting firms and avoid degrading prices.