DIAGRAM’S mission is to serve society, meeting the needs of client companies for economic and financial information that optimizes the financial controls of their assets. Society has the need for economic, financial and equity information regarding the performance of companies.
This information is an instrument of control and planning, in both the private level, to direct decisions regarding loans, investments etc., as well as at the macroeconomic level, for the planning of government actions. DIAGRAM’S mission is to produce asset information.

12 Tips for hiring an accounting consulting firm

1. Opt for firms that operate for niche companies
Certain firms often work with market niches. That's because some segments have different tax requirements, as well as other specifications. Working with accounting firms that have this line of operation is a major advantage; after all, they already know the details of your company's area of ​​expertise and can provide more efficient solutions to address unforeseen or even everyday issues.

2.  Segmentation. Evaluate the cases or segments of clients served
If you cannot rely on an accounting firm that operates with specific market niches, a good tip is to evaluate its clients. This will demonstrate not only the supplier’s expertise, but also the experiences gained.

3. Make sure the firm provides financial consulting
Although this isn’t a prerequisite, knowing that you can count on the support of financial advice, if necessary, is important. After all, even with good preparation of statements, you may know what the best decision to be made is.

4. Ask for references about the selected firms
With the list of clients served by the accounting firms on hands, contact a few of them and ask about their experiences. Ask about the support they provide, their processes, their agility, among other issues that may make a difference when making your choice.

5. Get references from different people
Search on the web is valid, but if you have contact with other entrepreneurs, an excellent option is to ask for recommendations from colleagues, friends and even family. Accounting firms deal with very valuable information about your company, so it is necessary to have a trustworthy provider.

6. Compare fee costs
The idea in this situation is to compare fee costs of those firms that have provided you with more confidence and credibility for a comparison involving the similarity with the benefits offered. One of the big mistakes made in this type of hiring is choosing the service that offer lower fees. This factor varies greatly, depending on the provider's infrastructure and the quality that should be prioritized in this situation. After all, the best firms will have better qualified professionals, which results in higher costs for them and hence, for the service hired.

7. Consider the rate of clients served vs. the number of employees
Excessive workload can harm the routine and therefore your company. Moreover, with the analysis of this rate, you will have an idea of ​​the size of the companies served by the provider, as well as the service provided to clients. Good accounting firms usually serve ten clients per professional, in this case, an accountant. To facilitate the relationship with the chosen firm, have all of your documents and financial statements organized. To do so, financial management software provides numerous benefits which include the ease of sending documents electronically, reducing time, effort and cost collaborating with the accountant.

8.  Infrastructure. Visit the accounting firm
An accounting firm that serves its clients well is organized, has well-defined processes and a well-trained staff. 95% of the time, these items translate into an organized and clean working environment. Be very careful with accountants who work in chaotic environments, because it is hardly possible to provide good service this way.

9. Simplified logistics
Consider how you will send and receive documents and information to the accountant’s office and how long it will take for the information to be received.

10. Confirm the registration status of the office with Specific Agencies and its credentials with the Quality Control
Once you have found a firm, it is essential to check the registration of professionals and the office itself. Firms with PQEC -ISO- Environment certificates are firms that have an obligation to train and monitor their employees to control processes and thus deliver higher quality services.

11. System integration through software
Consider firms with structure to integrate your company’s systems with those of the firm, which will allow a significant gain in the speed of information and greater security in the reconciliation of all transactions and events of your company.

Unfortunately, there have been a growing number of companies that provide these services, but that end up not performing them with competence, accuracy and honesty, and thus, we have seen many companies having problems in this regard.



We seek to exceed our clients’ expectations and provide their satisfaction

Accounting firms that want to be successful, not only need to keep their clients happy, we need to dazzle them by providing an innovative, different and unexpected experience, exceeding client expectations should therefore be the goal, for providing / to provide satisfaction and stimulate word of mouth, which is the most effective for companies.

Having a high standard of service

Client service is the atmosphere that involves the company and builds the perception of the client about the service offered, thus managing its level of satisfaction. To do so, the accounting professional must be very demanding with the selection of personnel and their training, and the training of secretaries, telephone operators, assistants, carriers and all who are directly involved with clients. They must undergo constant reviews and quality service courses and moreover, must know the company and the services offered, because only this way they will be able to get involved and provide clients with the proper service.

Provide comprehensive services to clients

This means understanding the needs and being able to meet them, both at the level of knowledge, as well as skills. Thus, if the client wants to know the managerial performance of his/her company, the accounting organization must be competent enough to present its information so that it can be read and understood, to be useful in their management practices. If the client needs every aspect involving tax and labor obligations, they shall be calculated in accordance with the client’s needs, who must be informed of all steps taken in providing the service, in addition to alternative ways to optimize this practice, as the avoidance of potential problems, such as fines for late payment, incorrect calculations or incorrect activity classification, etc. Also try to have permanent contact with the client, because the service offered is very connected to the professional who offers it, and its client wants to be sure that everything that is being done is under his/her supervision and responsibility. All this adds value to the services offered and makes the client notice the safety, demonstrating skill and professionalism.

Having a client education system

Clients that are better informed value the services and understand the quality of services provided better. Thus, it is essential to provide information, leaflets, information videos, and courses; if possible, the firm should promote seminars for clients, posters, photos of relevant moments for the firm and for the professionals who work there, explaining to clients all the important aspects of the accounting system and the services provided by the firm.